Known to have a pretty good ear, Mike is a lifelong South Jersey guy who plays bass, keys, and sings a bit. He also dabbles in sound engineering and lighting. Mike would tell you that he's always got music of some kind or another rattling around in his head. Over the years, Mike has played electric bass in several working rock cover bands, but was recently intrigued with an offer to play keyboards in TimeWarp80s so he ran with it. You'll have to come out and judge the result for yourself :).

Mike got started in music playing piano when he was 5, but he never took a lesson to develop his talent. Mike got his first bass at 16 after hearing Grand Funk Railroad. He was hooked but never became competent enough to do more than play along with records. After raising a family and a long career in software architecture and engineering, Mike rekindled his interest in playing music when he got hooked into being the bassist for a friend's basement band.

Today you can find him gigging on bass and keys in the South Jersey live music scene.





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