Born long, long ago, in a galaxy far, far away, Lou Hall figured he’d sing for a living. This was after the pediatrician told him that his chosen career as an astronaut was out, at aged 10 years, due to poor eyesight and being 6 foot tall and 180lbs.

In grade school, caught singing in the boys bathroom by the 8th grade teacher, he was forced to do voice over work for a tone deaf Lead in the 8th grade production of “Sleeping Beauty.” He was in 4th grade. Even though he was the “Voice” of Prince Charming, he did NOT get the girl…

During high school, he sang lead in the Music  Club Band (rock, not marching). Wednesday morning Masses and the occasional concert were it, until he was again “discovered” Junior year, during a joint Musical production with the local girls school. He ended up doing  All South Jersey Chorus 2 years and All State one year.

Entering college in 1985 as an “accounting major” (wow. COLOSSAL mistake…), he joined Glassboro State College’s prestigious Concert Choir and sang with them 'til the Conductor retired in the early 90s. Lou helped found Moment’s Notice in 1987 with Joe Lerch. Eight  lineup changes later, Joe Wells joined the band, and the name became “A Few Moments Later…”  From 1989  'til 1995, AFML kicked ass with original and cover tunes. 

From 1995-98, Lou ran sound for local groups, mainly in The Franklin House in Glassboro. Then, the opportunity arose to get behind the mic again with a new band, TimeWarp, doing all 80s covers. From 1998 'til 2001 the ‘Boro rocked to the BEST 80s cover band around! !

From 2001-2005, Lou remained pretty much retired from singing, occasionally doing a choral gig or wedding when called upon.

Then, Joe Lerch contacted him about singing in a “full spectrum” format band, to be called Full Moon Fever. So, Joe Lerch, Joe Wells and Lou Hall did classic and other rock from 2006-2008.

2009-2010, was a frustrating effort to revive AFML, which never really got off the ground.

Then, in 2011, TimeWarp was resurrected. Founding members Joe Wells, Lou Hall and Jess Kasinski joined AFML  alumni  John Callinan, and Moment’s Notice alum Joe Lerch, along with new kids on the block Chad Justis and Phil Contreras.

Lou is back in the decade he loves the most; THE 80s!!!! ROCK ON, DUDES!!! :>







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