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John grew up in South Jersey listening to his Uncle’s Joe & Stu playing American and Irish folk tunes on guitar and banjo. He eventually got around to listening to the Beatles and then at the dawn of the 80’s classic rock and metal. Heavily into Van Halen and Bon Jovi and AC/DC, it wasn’t till he went to see the 80’s supergroup Asia that he was inspired to take up the guitar himself.

As the 80’s progressed and John got to college he broadened his tastes (a little bit) and started listening to New Wave, Punk and Alt-Country. He played in a number of bands, starting in high school with Destiny and then Factotum; then in college and post-college with The Live Shitty Band; before finally falling into cahoots with Lou Hall and Joe Wells in A Few Moments Later.

After AFML broke up, John put the guitar away for a while. With the birth of his children and moving back to New Jersey, John got back into playing guitar. Hooking back up with Lou and Joe to join Time Warp earlier this year and to again play those songs that got him started on playing in the first place.

You can find him most weekend evenings in the summer playing guitar on his porch by Newton Creek in Collingswood, sipping a whiskey and annoying his neighbors.





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